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Mission:  Promote the history and preserve the traditions of the Military Police Corps Regiment while supporting Military Police leadership, soldiers and families Army wide.
Vision:  The premier Military Police professional organization which is fully aligned with the Army and Military Police Corps visions and recognized as relevant by Military Police leaders, soldiers and families throughout the regiment.
  • Mutual respect
  • Pride in heritage
  • Responsible service
  • Always relevant 

President:  CW3(R) John Barber
VP Army Reserve:  1SG Nick Taylor
VP Army Guard:  SFC(R) Al Hawkins
Secretary:  SSG(R) James Lawton
Treasurer:  SFC(R) Mark Owens

The MPRA Grand Canyon Chapter is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Any donations made to our chapter to support the Soldiers and Families of the MP Corps are tax deductible!

The MPRA GCC supports Arizona Military Police Soldiers and Leaders of the AZ Army National Guard, Army Reserves and Active Duty MP's at Ft. Huachuca as well as their families in addition to strengthening bonds in the local Law Enforcement community.


While the MPRA is U.S. Army affiliated, we welcome all branches of L. E. related MOS's into our chapter.

The chapter holds a meeting once a month at the American Legion Post 44 at 7145 E 2nd St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. For more information on time, date, and contact, e-mail at or use the contact section below.


Thanks! Message sent.

Hey All,

A huge thanks to all of you that supported and attended the Military Police Ball last night in Phoenix (9/23). If you attended, I know you had a great time. It was a different type of venue from the past and there were a lot of last minute hurtles behind the scenes. But wow, what a successful event.

The 50/50 last night brought in $418.00, plus a $20 dollar bill was found on the floor by the cleaning staff. As a result of the found $20 we were able to raise $438.00 for the benevolence fund and for the ball itself; hopefully we made a bit more.

Lost and Found. I have a gold ring that was found at the ball. If it's yours, get hold of me. It's in my safe.

And to the Ball Committee and especially Mark Owens. Wow guys, what a great job you all did.


John D. Barber

President, MPRA Grand Canyon Chapter



Of the troops, For the Troops

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The following photos are either personal or obtained from the internet to not only promote but to also preserve the history of the US Army Military Police Corps. Clicking on the picture will open it with a caption. Photo recognition will apply if available. 

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